MHP Law Office : How to Remain in Healthy Competition and Becomes a Reliable Law Firm


This is an article in Hukum Online website that explain about how MHP Law Office has been providing reliable legal solutions as their commitment to assisting clients in both the transaction and litigation areas.

16 November 2023

As a value offered by this law office, reliable legal solutions mean that the legal advice and services provided by MHP Law Office must be solutions that clients can rely on.

As a value offered by this law office, reliable legal solutions mean that the legal advice and services provided by MHP Law Office must be solutions that clients can rely on.

  1. Quality, where the legal advice must be precise, true and correct, easy to understand, and practical.
  2. Punctuality, where the legal service shall be provided on time.
  3. Accessibility means that the commitment of all MHP lawyers to be contactable when needed.
  4. Affordability means that the service fee is a reasonable inline with the volume and complexity of the problem.

“The four points above must be present in balanced portions and reinforce each other. Apart from that, integrity is non-negotiable value. It is inseparable from others points and is a fundamental principle that is held and implemented by all lawyers. "If this combination is implemented, lawyers will always be at the top of mind for those who need legal services from a law firm," said Muhtar Ali.

MHP Law Office was built by two founders, Muhtar Ali and Halim Indrajaya. Both of them have extensive experience as lawyers and in-house counsel advisors — experience that has had a big influence on their success in assisting in-house counsel in various corporate actions.

It is not surprising that in the end MHP Law Office became one of 77 law offices in Indonesia recommended by in-house counsel, in Hukumonline's In-House Counsel Choice 2023 event.

Based on the cooperative relationship between the company's legal team and the law office, the name Muhtar Ali was also included in the Recommended Lawyers category: Hukumonline's InHouse Counsel Choice 2023.

"One of the factors that adds value to legal services is an understanding of subject matters. Not only legal aspects, but also related business aspects. Lawyers who understand the business aspects of a transaction or problem will be able to produce legal services that are more accurate and meet expectations more quickly and effectively," Muhtar added.


High Standards of Service Quality for All Clients

As is always emphasized in MHP internal meetings, good legal advice must be easy for clients to understand. Muhtar explained that there are two possibilities that legal documents or legal advice are not easy to understand.

First, the problems and laws involved are difficult and complex, so a comprehensive understanding of law and practice in the field is needed; or secondly, the lawyer handling it does not really understand the problems and/or related law.

However, whether the complexity of the problem or the problem of understanding can actually be anticipated with the competence to understand the problem comprehensively and good communication.

"MHP understands that good communication with clients as institutions and with all existing personnel is one of the keys to the sustainability of the legal services provided by lawyers," continued Muhtar.


Lawyers Development

Regarding challenges, one of the things that MHP Law Office often faces is when clients ask about the number of lawyers (resources) for MHP Law Office when they have to handle large projects that require a large number of lawyers. Muhtar understands that in terms of the number of lawyers, MHP is not like other larger law firms.

However, this situation is also beneficial, because lawyers can learn, get involved and adapt more quickly in handling large projects. MHP has also proven its ability to complete large projects, one of which is accompanying Telkomsel in the Fixed Mobile Convergence project worth IDR 60 trillion.

"Because the number of MHP lawyers is not very large, while the transactions and projects handled are very varied, they have the opportunity to learn and handle projects, transactions or cases earlier than their colleagues in other places," said Muhtar.

Apart from MHP provides the opportunity to be involved in various transactions, MHP Law Office also accommodates various training and seminars so that all lawyers can learn new things in order to develop themselves.

In 2022, MHP will become one of the partners of the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University in implementing internships and research, to improve students' hard skills and soft skills. Also with the Faculty of Law, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta in implementing the Outcome Based Education-Free Learning Curriculum (OBE-MBKM) program.



Some of the achievements that have been made include :

  • Successfully helping Telkomsel emerge from bankruptcy (2012).
  • Accompanying Telkom Indonesia in investigating cases of alleged tying in the provision of IndiHome services (2017)
  • Accompanying Telkom Indonesia in investigating cases of alleged unfair business competition in blocking Netflix (2020) , where in the alleged tying and blocking of Netflix Telkom Indonesia was declared not guilty by the KPPU Council
  • Accompanying Telkomsel in the spin off in connection with the transfer of Indihome from Telkom to Telkomsel in the Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) project (2022-2023)


Source : Hukum Online (in Bahasa Indonesia)